Marine Terminal
Information System

Welcome to the OCIMF Terminal Portal

OCIMF’s Marine Terminal Information System (MTIS) Active Discovery project seeks to gather the location and contact details of all oil and gas ports and terminals globally to drive sign-up to the MTIS system.

OCIMF is requesting the help and support of its members and all with involvement in the area. The Active Discovery project invites you to share your knowledge and help to drive the Terminal Portal in collecting a complete global list of oil and gas ports and terminals.

Available without sign-up, access the Terminal Portal to see how you can support the OCIMF goal.

How you can help

Available without sign-up, OCIMF members and those involved in the industry are encouraged to take part in the Terminal Portal and help to drive the OCIMF goal of creating a free-to-all, comprehensive list of oil and gas ports and terminals.

The Terminal Portal now provides a database of known ports and terminals and enables willing participants to review the information held.

Participants can help by providing OCIMF with port or terminal information or by sending a port or terminal link to a contact, enabling them to add their port/terminal details to MTIS.

How to get involved

To begin, simply click ‘Access Terminal Portal’ to view the port and terminal details held.

A database of known ports will be displayed. The list can be filtered by country. Each port record will highlight the number of known terminals at that port. Clicking on a port record will open a list of the port’s known terminals.

Each participant will then have the option either:

  • Add port and terminal notes – let the Terminal Portal know that new terminals are present at the port, that terminals on the list may have closed, or provide contact details for a terminal on the list.
  • Send a link to a contact – either through your own email or via the system, send a port or terminal link to a contact to encourage them to join and provide further port and terminal information.

As a terminal details provider, no personal details of yours are collected, and you are under no obligation to take part. All information you do choose to provide will help to support terminal sign-up to MTIS and achieve the OCIMF goal.

Access Terminal Portal

Access the Terminal Portal to review port and terminal information and share your knowledge with OCIMF.

Click Here To Access Terminal Portal

Are you a Terminal Operator?

If you are a terminal operator and find your terminal in the Terminal Portal, you can easily register to the OCIMF MTIS system to provide further terminal details..

Visit the MTIS Terminal Operator registration page